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Dr Rajesh Kumar

Professor Experimental Solid State Physics, Organic and Inor... View Profile

Dr Sudeshna Chattopadhyay

Professor Surfaces and interfaces, Soft matter and nanomater... View Profile

Prof Subhendu Rakshit

Professor Physics beyond the Standard Model... View Profile

Prof Krushna R. Mavani

Professor experimental condensed, matter,physics... View Profile

Prof Raghunath Sahoo, FInstP

Professor Experimental High Energy Nuclear Physics, Relativi... View Profile

Dr Preeti Anand Bhobe

Professor Experimental Condensed Matter Physics: Study of cr... View Profile

Prof Sarika Jalan

Professor Physics and Astronomy, Mathematics, Computer Scien... View Profile

Dr Ankhi Roy

Associate Professor Physics and Astronomy , Mathematics, Computer Scie... View Profile

Dr Manavendra Mahato

Associate Professor Gauge/gravity correspondence, String Theory, Gene... View Profile

Dr Pankaj R. Sagdeo

Associate Professor In house development of scientific instruments. To... View Profile

Dr Somaditya Sen

Associate Professor Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Oxide Mater... View Profile

Dr Alestin Mawrie

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Quantum Transport Properties in Nanoscale/Mesoscal... View Profile

Dr Sudip Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Condensed Matter Theory and Computational Material... View Profile

Dr Srimanta Pakhira

Assistant Professor Condensed Matter Nanoscience, Computational Materi... View Profile

Dr Dipankar Das

Assistant Professor Physics... View Profile

Dr Debajyoti Sarkar

Assistant Professor String theory, Gravity, Black holes, Quantum infor... View Profile

Dr Onkar S. Game

Assistant Professor Photovoltaics, Energy Magerials, Optoelectronics, ... View Profile