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Dr Parasharam Maruti Shirage

Professor New Superconductors Search, Synthesis and Single C... View Profile

Prof Santosh Sattappa Hosmani

Professor Physical Metallurgy, Heat treatment of Metals and ... View Profile

Dr Sunil Kumar

Associate Professor Solid Electrolytes for Lithium Batteries, Cathod... View Profile

Dr Mrigendra Dubey

Associate Professor Synthesis of Metalogels with an objective of condu... View Profile

Dr Ajay Kumar Kushwaha

Associate Professor - NANOMATERIALS & THIN FILMS: Metal oxides, Metals... View Profile

Dr Rupesh S. Devan

Associate Professor Nano-hetero-architectures; Materials for energy... View Profile

Prof Vinod Kumar

Associate Professor High Entropy Alloys; Physical Metallurgy; Powder M... View Profile

Dr Vivek Verma

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Phase equilibria and diffusion in metals and multi... View Profile

Dr Ranjith Poobalan

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Thin Films, Multilayer coatings, Energy harvesting... View Profile

Dr Khushuboo Devi Tiwari

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Sustainable metallurgy and materials, Phase trans... View Profile

Dr K V Vamsi

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Atomistic simulations using DFT, Integrated comput... View Profile

Dr Chandan Halder

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Computational Material Science, Alloy Design, Micr... View Profile

Dr Nisheeth Kumar Prasad

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Corrosion and material prevention, physical metall... View Profile

Dr Hemant Borkar

Assistant Professor Materials and manufacturing, Process-structure-pro... View Profile

Dr Ram Sajeevan Maurya

Assistant Professor Metallurgy and Metallurgical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Dudekukla Althaf Basha

Assistant Professor Metallurgy and Metallurgical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Abhijit Ghosh

Assistant Professor Crystallographic texture and grain boundary, Phys... View Profile

Dr Dhirendra Kumar Rai

Assistant Professor Photo- and Electro-catalysts for Hydrogen Evolutio... View Profile

Dr Sumanta Samal

Assistant Professor Nanomaterials, Structure-Property Correlations in ... View Profile

Dr Jayaprakash Murugesan

Assistant Professor Mechanical Metallurgy, Joining of Materials, Fatig... View Profile

Dr Eswara Prasad Korimilli

Assistant Professor Mechanical behavior of Materials, High strain rate... View Profile