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Dr Prabhat Kumar Upadhyay

Professor Wireless and Mobile Communications Cooperative and... View Profile

Dr Mukesh Kumar

Professor Integrated Optoelectronics, Nanophotonics, Semicon... View Profile

Prof Ram Bilas Pachori

Professor Biomedical Signal Processing, Non-stationary Signa... View Profile

Dr Santosh Kumar Vishvakarma

Professor Device Modeling: MOS Devices Modeling (Double Gate... View Profile

Dr Vipul Singh

Professor Organic electronic/photonic devices and their appl... View Profile

Prof Abhinav Kranti

Professor Solid-State Devices, Circuit Design and Nanotechno... View Profile

Prof Vimal Bhatia

Professor Machine Learning, AI, 5G,6G, Signal Processing, Wi... View Profile

Prof Shaibal Mukherjee

Professor (a) RRAM/Artifical Neurons, (b) Photovoltaic, (c) ... View Profile

Dr Trapti Jain

Professor Power system security analysis,Power system dynami... View Profile

Dr Swaminathan R

Associate Professor Cooperative Relay Systems MIMO Wireless Communicat... View Profile

Dr Srivathsan Vasudevan

Associate Professor Photothermal response and photothermal imaging Pho... View Profile

Dr Vivek Kanhangad

Associate Professor Biometrics, Digital Signal and Image processing,Co... View Profile

Dr Amod C Umarikar

Associate Professor Power Electronics in Renewable Energy Systems Mode... View Profile

Dr Dibbendu Roy

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Communication Networks, Optimization, Game Theory,... View Profile

Dr Lokesh Kumar Dewangan

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Converter interaction analysis, dynamics and contr... View Profile

Dr Sharad Kumar Singh

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Game Theory, Control & Robotics, Optimization Tec... View Profile

Dr Subhadeep Paladhi

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Power System Protection... View Profile

Dr Rinkee Chopra

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) RF and Microwave, miliimeter wave circuits and ant... View Profile

Dr Vijay A S

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Power Electonics Applications... View Profile

Dr Sumit Gautam

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transm... View Profile

Dr Balasubramanyam Appina

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Multimedia processing and analysis, Quality assess... View Profile

Dr Saptarshi Ghosh

Assistant Professor Electromagnetics, Frequency selective surfaces,Met... View Profile