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Prof Narendra S. Chaudhari

Professor (HAG) Algorithms, Theoretical Computer Science, Soft Com... View Profile

Dr Aruna Tiwari

Professor Softcomputing based classifiers and its performanc... View Profile

Dr Abhishek shrivastava

Professor Computer Programming, Software, Engineering, Compu... View Profile

Dr Kapil Ahuja

Professor Numerical Analysis, Numerical Linear Algebra, Comp... View Profile

Dr Surya Prakash

Associate Professor Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Image Proces... View Profile

Dr Anirban Sengupta

Associate Professor High Level Synthesis in CAD VLSI, Transient Fault ... View Profile

Dr Gourinath Banda

Associate Professor Cyber Physical Systems, Internet of Things, Verifi... View Profile

Dr Neminath Hubballi

Associate Professor Network Security, System Security, Data Mining... View Profile

Dr Nagendra Kumar

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Natural Language Processing, Social Network Analys... View Profile

Dr Ranveer Singh

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) ... View Profile

Dr Ayan Mondal

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Internet of Things (IoT) Networks, Software-Define... View Profile

Dr Aniruddha Singh Kushwaha

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Software Defined Networking, Network Programmabili... View Profile

Dr Sidharth Sharma

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Network Softwarization and Management, Performance... View Profile

Dr Chandresh Kumar Maurya

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) ... View Profile

Dr Somnath Dey

Assistant Professor Human Computer Interaction, Computer Graphics, Bio... View Profile

Dr Bodhisatwa Mazumdar

Assistant Professor Hardware Security, Side-channel Analysis, Cryptogr... View Profile

Dr Puneet Gupta

Assistant Professor Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Image Processing... View Profile